Basement Conversion Teen Hangout Room in Derbyshire

The perfect room for teenagers

“The Stonedry service and system is reliable and borne of over a decade of experience identifying and successfully tackling basement conversion problems.  Advice at the planning and execution stages is spot-on.  For example, I equivocated upon whether to opt for a sump and pump system.  It added to the tally and I felt that we could get away without it. Ultimately, happy to say that the recommendation to fit such a system was heeded and it has been required. There is no substitute for someone with the hands-on experience to make these sorts of calls as the project develops.  To go my way and save circa £5000 would have been disastrous.  The conversion project ran on time, there is a huge benefit in having a one-stop shop and the aftercare following the completion of the job is worthy of a special note.  You will not find StoneDry failing to respond to queries and issues once the bill is long since paid”.

Stonedry Bespoke Basement Conversions were requested to convert a large cellar in an old vicarage to the perfect teen hangout.

Converting your basement into a teen hangout room gives your teenagers the space they crave to play computer games and enjoy their freedom in a safe place with their friends.