Full Basement Conversion Helme Huddersfield

Making extra space with a full basement conversation

Converting this basement in the beautiful rural village of Helme offered us some unique challenges incorporating structural and significant drainage work.  We created a multi use basement with WC, utility room and living space with a new staircase.

“I asked my structural engineer if he knew anyone who could sort my water filled cellar.
There’s only one worth dealing with he said. Stonedry have been doing it for years and I would not recommend anyone else.
True indeed. They did the job in a thoroughly professional manner from start to finish. Even my technical questions were answered without hesitation. It was an expensive quote, but after watching them dig 45 tonnes of sticky clay out and carry them 50 yards up the road to the skip in buckets, I realised why.
After massive rain storms, the cellar is still dry as dust. An expert company run by a gent who is hard to fall out with. Do not hesitate to give him your work. Take note of any tradesmen that he recommends. They are all of the same calibre.”