How do you dry out a wet, flooded or mouldy basement?

Excess water is pumped out of the basement, but other than that, we don’t strictly ‘dry’ your basement or cellar. This is because the nature of a subterranean room makes it virtually impossible to achieve a stone dry finish. Water or damp will always seep in.

The way we do it is to insert a high density Polyethylene Cavity Drain Membrane which acts as a kind of envelope behind which the ground water enters as normal before being collected and efficiently dealt with.

Cavity Drain Membranes are completely impervious to water, chloride salts, nitrates, etc – like a kind of ‘room within a room’. In fact they’re so reliable and efficient they’re used by organisations like the London Underground in tube station.

The membrane is quick and easy to install and also comes with a 30 year guarantee. Decoration doesn’t need to be delayed because there is no drying process.

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